Monday, April 12, 2010


its the beginning of my 1 week holiday and i'm already pissed, bored, fat, u name it! i reached melaka late on friday, and on saturday myself, nadia and shahirah had fun dengan erel watching date night and karaoke-ing. i'll upload the photos later, since i cant seem to find the cables now. haha.

well, anyway. today lets talk about annoying guys who gave me the tendency to be annoyed 24/7. there's this guy whom i helped, this guy who helped me, this guy whom i like, and this guy whom i just feel like shoving a broom up his ass! so, in total there's four of them. i'm lazy to elaborate more, since its like annoying altogether.

but here's the thing. after this i'm not gonna spare any mercy or help anyone or ask anyone for help! its really annoying to have everyone texting me the whole day, falling in love with me la, segala jadah haram tu sume la. i'm pissed off, coz they dont seem to get the fact that i'm not interested. STUPID.

and, korang pun mesti pernah jumpa lelaki mulut macam longkang kan? yeahh. tht's the type i hated the most. its a guy from college, and he keeps on saying bad things about me. like, come on. dont you have balls? bodoh gila. depan i, dia tak berani nak cakap ape. but dekat fb bukan maen lagi kutuk2 i. i was like, hello mr ball-less, you dont know me. so wtf? i hate people who love to judge me without even knowing me. lagi superb bodoh! huh.


Anonymous said...

jeje... hrmmmmmm.. 2 larh susah klau jadi hawt kn? aishhhh.. aaahahaha.. xpe jeje.. just ignore jewr dyeorg 2h... klau dyeorg x phm2 bhse gk.. tell me! i'll tell ur papa.. ahahaaaha..dye 2h dh larh cm samseng.. ok... now.. wut u shld do is.. relax and spend ur tyme ngn family.. will distract u from those people.. okeyh?

yana.kulup said...

uuuuuu.terhangat di pasarannn

Nur Shakhina Ahmad said...

adeeb: hangat sangat tuh. sampai hangit! hahahaha
mama:yeahh. okay thanks! pape nnt i bgtaw papa. ;)