Friday, April 16, 2010

chicken what?

guys, i know i said i'd upload the pics for the other day. but i just cant make it. i've been down with fever, and just as i thought i was healing, i get this small dots on my skin. at first i thought it was just pimples. but then its watery, and my headache just gets worse by the day. it never dawn on me that i might be having chicken pox, but the doctor confirmed it! i was given 14 days off. can you imagine? 14 fucking days!

at the moment, the thing that's killing me is how much it itches! yeah, it damn itches. especially on my head. the worse part is i cant even scratch it!!! its really tiring to endure sleepless nights being itchy, i can tell you that.

life goes on. i guess i have to finally face the fact that i'm gonna have pox marks all over my face after this. its a nightmare. it really is.

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