Thursday, April 08, 2010

don't try this at home.

ouh, barulah i paham why orang slalu suruh buat banyak2 copy of things yang involving important documents. its not that i'm not thinking of doing it, mostly i just forgot. and last night in my half-sleeping state, i had click "NO" when microsoft word asked whether i want to save the document or not. the rest is history. i've lost my 15 pages of hardwork and effort in a blink of an eye. haha. i pretty much feel like jumping off casa subang at that time.

i skip two of my classes today and went home early just to finish that paper, it was due tomorrow. and i still have another research to write on to be submitted tomorrow as well. :(( i mean like, two papers in one night? that's crazy. i'll never do this again. it feels likeeeeee, shit.

so, after 5 hours i finished writing 15 pages of the first paper. now i'm moving on to the next paper. pray that i'll get it done by midnight! huuuuuuuuuu.

moral of the story: ALWAYS make a lot of copies for everything. i mean, seriously. EVERYTHING.


Anonymous said...

jeje...ape u nieh..adoih... xpe2.. take this as a lesson ok honey.. i'll take this one as a lesson as well..gler larh..xpe! my daughter iron lady! im sure u can finish up evrythng! i mean evrythng! i hve faith in u honey

Anonymous said...
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Nur Shakhina Ahmad said...

haha. geez, thanks mama!