Tuesday, April 27, 2010


i think i need energizer bunny to be with me all day long. ughh. it has been two days in a row where i sleep and had been dreaming the whole time that i was sleeping. i hated that, since i felt awfully tired when i woke up. ;(

if i was dreaming about stefan, i'd be more than glad not to wake up. but i was dreaming about some old guy, and i was running in my dream, which is tiring, up until i wake up! i've been zombie-like as a result of this. god, i miss my dreamless sleep. quality sleep, ouh quality sleep.

anyway, i went makan at pak cik's just now and my favourite dish was not there, another downside to my day. the great thing about my day is, i managed to grab a few shirtless pics of stefan. sexayyyy~ well, he made my day a wonderful one i guess. ouh, did i mention shirtless?

mufy graduation night is on 15 of july. i'm thinking of who to take as my partner there. haha, i'm slowly going through my list now. hopefully i'll come up with one, by that date. :)

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