Friday, April 02, 2010

high heels

seronok tak tengok orang yang sedang madly in love? i find it amusing, and annoying at the same time. amusing because, its likely that he or she is happy and is being silly. annoying because i'm just jealous. :)

well, i'm gonna talk about head over heels today. head over heels in love, i mean. and no, not about me. but about the people around me. my guy friends especially. its entertaining to watch the "ladies man" go into retirement. i mean, seriously. two of my guy friends fell so hard for their current obsession that they seem to be in a daze all the time.

one of them is my dearest college mate. gosh, was he so smitten. bercakap pun dah macam tak tentu hala. i find guys who are in love cute, in a way. the way they talk about their feelings and all, *obviously i was the one listening to their problems* is priceless.

and one of my best guy friend, who's currently in a relationship with his obsession, finds it hard to go through a day without her. its funny when i think back of how he used to cheat on his girlfriends and tell me about it. haha. yeah, he might've change for the better. or maybe not.

both of my guy friends ney, have one similarity. masing2 mengejar their obsession for quite a long time. months, in fact. but yang sorang dah dapat. the other one, masih lagi mengejar. and both of them are good-looking, but still, kesian bila in the beginning both tak di layan oleh si dia.

kisahnye, bila dah dapat si dia, lekas bosan. macam yang terjadi pada my guy friend yang dah dapat his obsession tadi. cehh. baru nak puji, kononnye dye dah berubah. (-_-") silapppp.

hehe, i'd like to make a rough conclusion based on that. guys love to play catch. if they didnt get it,they wont stop. but once they get it, they tossed it away. just about right huh?

however, my collegemate just now would like to prove me wrong. i'm hoping that he can prove me wrong, coz it seems like he's got the best girl ever. like, seriouslyyy. they'd make a perfect couple. but the fact is, good people are willing to change. the bad ones, however, will continue to play their little cat and mouse game. so typical.


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