Sunday, April 25, 2010


it was meant to be a boring weekend, but mimi, merah, diana and i decided to get our arses off casa subang. mimi wanted to go to jalan masjid india, and so all of us tag along. i am tired and exhausted as i havent had aproper sleep in a while. deprivation of sleep makes me walk and act like zombie all day! haha, gerammmmm i was so sleepy. anyway, when we were at kelana jaya lrt station, we met this korean guy. he looks young, 20 something maybe. he was asking for directions to go to klcc and we helped him.

entered the lrt, and there he was sitting next to me in the end. we talked and talked and talked until i got off at my station. haha. turn out he was 38 and double my age.

him: no, u're silly. i'm not married. i'm single. i love traveling, that's why i stayed single. easier that way.

haha. here's this 38 years old guy who's still single. i admired that. maybe i can stay single too! ngahaha. not for that long i guess. mati all my eggs nanti. tak sempat nak have a child. so i gotta get married before that laaa. because i know i wanted to have kids, and would never trade that for anything. ;) he's been here before, 11 years ago he said. when klcc was not even here yet. and he's been an engineer for 17 years. he came here for a job interview and decided to go sightseeing before the interview. but seriously, he didnt look that old! i thought he was 20 something taw. lol

haha. mimi curi2 amek gambar.

the day went on well, except for the fact that i'm phone-less now. i have to send it for repair. and i'm cranky now without my phone. seriously, gerammm.

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