Tuesday, April 20, 2010

kira bulu kambing biri biri kan.

activity, activity, activities? i need some of that now. i've been stuck in my room here in casa for two days now and its driving me crazy, partly because i dont know what to do. no, its not that i dont know what to do, i just dont seem to have anything to do. i'm about done doing maths stuff for my test tomorrow, and i have a couple of novels to read. but seriously, i'm at loss in trying to entertain myself. stalking fb pages pun dah ada major "tick" in my to-do-list.

tomorrow will be the first day i'm out in public. i'm going to college starting tomorrow. who cares if my mc have another week for me to rest, i just cant bear living at home. it sucks here, imagine no tv, no astro, no grey's anatomy,house,private practice,ugly betty, glee, NO. NONE of that here. so i might as well go to college and work my arse off for finals nanti kan. the thing is, my face looked horrible! i'm scared that people are gonna stare at me tomorrow. yeahhh. and did i mention that i'm having yet another presentation on friday? ughhh. this sucks. but look on the bright sight will ya? it's gonna be my second last presentation! :)


adeeb said...

boyfie baruuuu
cepat tell!

Nur Shakhina Ahmad said...

ngahaha. i'm single adeeb. no worries! i'll tell you if i have one okay?