Friday, April 23, 2010

madly in love!

last night i slept at around 3am making some amendments and preparing myself for the presentation today. everything went well and i'm more than glad as soon as i finished as there'll only be one more presentation left for this sem. i practically have about for weeks before finishing mufy, and i seriously cant wait! apek had planned a vacation for us, and i definitely miss having fun with adam, shamil and aniq in our previous vacation. this is maybe the last time all of us spend time together before apek fly off to canada in august. i'm gonna miss him, seriously. anyways, i bet some of you are curious about my confession on fb that i had once again fallen in love with someone. hehe. let me introiduce him to you then.

its one of these guys. gorgeous aren't they?

ian somerhalder@ damon salvatore. not this one, sadly.

my new bf: paul wesley @ stefan salvatore from vampire diaries.
haha. well of course, guys! like seriously, i dont see myself being in a relationship anytime soon. so, no worries. i'd hate to fall for the wrong guy and repeat my mistakes, once more. lets talk about stefan shall we? i know if u watch this series, u'll tend to love damon because he's evil and simply mesmerizing. i love him too, but i've vowed only to like good guys. thats why i chose stefan instead. haha.

for those of you who havent watch this series yet, i'll strongly recommend you guys look it up and download it. its the best vampire story i've watched so far, even better than twilight in my opinion. u know my simptom of being in love is lack of sleep? yeahh. i get that while watching this series. :)

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