Sunday, April 04, 2010

udang bakar

talking about yesterday. i had an extra class for chemistry, which sucks because its a saturday. it ended early, so i'm not gonna complain much. anyways, my mom and sister and my favorite baby boys came and stayed at granny's house. so, i planned on visiting them.

i took ktm as usual. but when i arrived at kg dato' harun's station, i got lost trying to find my way to granny's house. seriously, i'm a loser when it comes to finding directions. i was walking for 30 minutes under the hot sun, skin burning and all before i finally reached grandma's house. itupun, thanks to toncet who went out to look for me. hehe.

family time, is always quality time. my eldest brother came, and treat us lunch. the talking and laughing and yelling seems familiar. as if i was at home.

overall, i had a great time. and of course, i cant wait to go back to melaka next week for my mid sem break!

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