Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Akhirnya selesai test bio! i dont really know why did i take bio in the first place. being an ex student of a science school might be the factor. but as i study biology deeper, i know that it is not my passion and forcing myself to study it only shows its impact with my poor grades for my tests. for one thing, i know for sure that i love chemistry! its the subject that i scored well, and am always passionate about. then again,no point in debating this matter as my scholar body is sponsoring me for biotech. like seriously, do i have a choice?

i never thought that i’d grew up and be like this. so helpless, and clueless on what i’d like to be. when i was younger, i thought that i had everything planned out for myself. i thought that i already figure everything out. i thought that i’ll be the one who’ll make my parents proud. suddenly, everything is not so easy anymore. i know that God have something good planned for us, but what if i had made the wrong choice in the first place?

i’m thinking of changing my course, its just that i dont know if i can make it possible. ;(

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