Wednesday, May 19, 2010

And to HIM we return to


Yesterday morning while i was in class, i received a shocking news. A very close friend of mine, apek, had lost his father. His dad passed away early in the morning because of high blood pressure. I know that apek didn't take it all well, because he seems okay the previous day. I feel sad for him, and wanted nothing more than to see if he's okay.

And so me,haziq, haliq and aizat went to melaka to go see him. We left from college and reach melaka at 2pm. The deceased was already buried at that time. Upon seeing apek, he seemed so lost, and it made me cry. he's a good friend, and he's always there during my hard times. i love him for making me laugh, no matter how hard things are.he's like a brother i wish i had. it saddened me that i couldnt do the same for him. my deepest condolences to him, and his family. i hope that they'll be strong through all of this. and i hope that he didnt lose faith in himself and his studies. i know that its hard for him, but i want him to get back up and be strong for his family. so everyone, lets put our hands together and read AL FATIHAH for allayarham and send him some prayers. May he rest in peace.

Yesterday, i certainly am thankful to aizat for taking me along to visit apek. Although we're not really on talking terms, i really really appreciate what he did for apek. In a way, i'm grateful that he's still a great friend, as always.

And to everyone who's reading, pray for my success okay? my first final paper is tomorrow, and i might be a lil busy after this, but i'll keep posting. no worries! :)


Anonymous said...

deepest condolence to apek and his family~~~ ok...aizat mmg bertimbang rasa in this case.. good for all of u~ =) send my regards to apek...

Nur Shakhina Ahmad said...

okayy. will do so. :)

Nur Shakhina Ahmad said...

okayy. will do so. :)