Sunday, May 02, 2010


If im updating my blog, tht means tht i arrived at home safely la kan. everything went well, just now. hilmey was nice. and so are his friends! although they seemed to be a lil older than i am, still, i love the fact that they’re treating me well. finally i’ve found the crowd whom i liked to be friend with. Hehe.

hey guys, i know u’ve been wondering who’s ths hilmey guy? he’s actually a friend whom i knew through a friend of mine, nilda. i only had the chance of meeting him just now, since we became acquainted recently. hanging out with his crowd was something i’m actually thankful about, because i know it’ll be awkward if its only the two of us. conclusion is, he’d quite proven tht he didn’t mean any harm, and i’m fine with that.

ouhh. i miss lepaking with apek, adam and shamil. everyone’s just so busy these days that we rarely make time for each other. i really really miss my boys. ;( anyway, today i was supposed to watch ironman with my gayfriend and his friends. the tickets was fully booked pulak. i pity him. i barely get to spend time with him since last week, with my pox n busyness. i’ll try to make it tomorrow maybe. :)

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