Friday, May 28, 2010


I'm pretty sure all of you girls out there have your own bff, kan? The one you'll call when you're down, that one person you love to gossip with, your crying shoulder when the world is coming down on you. And that person you love to share your silly jokes with, the one who understands you no matter what language you might be speaking,*tamil pun can understand taw*, that one person who can read you, you know, THAT ONE PERSON.

Nahh. I'm not gonna talk about my bff today. I'm sure you guys know who you are kan, bffs? Lately, I discovered that trust can go "poof" in a matter of minutes. If only the trust build was for a short time, it doesnt matter. But the trust you build since the day you were born is something totally different. You see, if you're a frequent reader, you'll know that i have a cousin that I LOVE LOVE LOVE! My closest cousin. We're only two years apart from each other, yet we got along well, and we shared everything with each other! I remembered when we were much younger, mandi pun sama taw. ;P haha. Well, that was all the good times, kan?

And so it hurts me more than anything in the world when she's turning her back on me. I'm not mad at her at all, for thinking of all the bad things i could've done. I'm only mad at the fact that someone's willing to destroy the trust that we both build for 19 years. Putting myself in her shoes, I could understand why she chose to listen to the words of others instead of asking me the truth. I had believed that, of all the people in the world, she's the one who understands me most. NOW I KNOW THE POWER OF WORDS. When you twist it in whichever way that's convenient to you, a bond can be broken. Yeah, and its a strong one.

Its devastating when things like this happen, but i hope that its only temporary. You're my bestest babe, and I hope you can see that clearly. Have a moment to think, how well you've known me. Nothing else matter after that.

:(( enough said.


Anonymous said...

awwwww.. jeje.. stay strong.. agk larh... sometimes u mcm x pcaye ble org yg close ngn u x pcaye u..lost their trust and stuff.. tp x pe larh... they just don't know us well enough.. that's all i can say... will never forget that... stay strong okeyh hunny! love, from me!

Nur Shakhina Ahmad said...

thanks a bunch mama! lovessssss. :)