Sunday, May 30, 2010

Esok Raya!

Saya pemegang cap mohor diraja, dengan ini mengisytiharkan bahawa pada tanggal 31 Mei 2010, bersamaan dengan esok, adalah hari raya! hahahahahaa. super excited and high since tomorrow is my last paper! Although i'm quite worried since its bio, but i cant stop myself from feeling overjoyed. :))

Its gonna be my last day as a student in sunway college, lots of memories created there, and i'm sure i'll cherish it forever. I'll be posting a post dedicated to mufy, so bear with me yeah.

Meanwhile, let me finish studying primates and stuff. I'd hate myself if i enter the exam hall unprepared. hehe.


.:: meanie ninie ::. said...

heyya! good for u gurl! bagus2.. ;) i'm sure you've done a hell of a job during college. good luck exams! ;)

Anonymous said...

haaa??? last day of being Sunway student?? lps nieh smbung mne mak cik?

Nur Shakhina Ahmad said...

thanks! hahaha. exam's overrrrrr!
mama: after this kat monash university laaa. hehehe