Monday, May 03, 2010

Hai, nama saya salmah. awak? saloma?

its 1 am in the morning and im still awake, trying to finish reading bio stuff. am having the test on wednesday. i must admit that this is only the beginning of my critical times for my finals. i’ve been updating my blog through my phone lately, which only shows how busy i am. huh. i know, just another month, and i’ll be free from all of this. patience, that’s all i need.

and this weekend wasnt so bad afterall. i went out with my gay friend and his friends as planned yesterday. hahaha. i think i dah jumpe geng karaoke baru! well, ths weekend is about expanding my friends list is it? tapi merajuk pulak dgn apek and shamil yang balik melaka tak bgtahu. ;(


Hanie F. said...

every girl needs a gay bestfriend kan (:

Nur Shakhina Ahmad said...

Yess, indeed. :)