Friday, May 21, 2010

I feel alone here, and cold here.

I've been sitting in front of my laptop for the past three hours. My chemistry books is on my side, and i havent touch it. Not even once. I feel awful today. I dont even know why, maybe its the fact that everyone's turning their back on me. Its funny, but i feel like I'm all alone now. No one to really talk to, no one who really understands, no one there when I'm down. No one. I miss the times when i could just walk into my friend's room and spill everything, cry all i want, curse all i want. There'll always be someone who'll listen, someone to tell me that everything's gonna be okay. I have people to listen to me now, but what's the point if I can't let it all out? And so there's me again, all alone, bottling everything up inside.

Sometimes i just wonder, why can't we stay in the past? Everything's so wonderful back then, we were all so young, so naive, so full of things we haven't discover yet. And we haven't lost our close friends, we haven't drift apart from each other, we still care. ;(


nadd. said...

sabar okay. anything u can tell lo darl. stay strong :)

Nur Shakhina Ahmad said...

thanks babe. :)

.:: meanie ninie ::. said...

always remember that you can be lonely, but u can never be alone... :)

leen said...

chill syg :) we still young now n forever..xD

Anonymous said...

ninie..i xphm ape u ckp.. hehehe.. need help with that..seriously.. huhuhu

to jeje.. hunny! u can always call me.. but! not now.. phone i rosak.. ahhaahaha..klau u call pown.. u ckp je larh... u can hear me.. but i can't hear's that? ahahahahahahha! just be strong ok... i know u are