Sunday, May 16, 2010

wheel of fortune

ni gamba nak campak mimi dalam swimming pool. ;P
the birthday bash was a huge success! i cant even describe how happy i was to see the smile plastered on the kids birthday. it was priceless. although they are a few mishaps and all during the planning of the event and on the day of the event itself, but i'm simply glad that its over now. it was tiring, but hell worth it.

yeahh. trials are over now. and it feels as if finals are over too! maybe its because of the fact that i'm fully prepared and there's no last minute studying involved, which is thanks to hilmey for pushing me to the edge that i have to prepare everything in felt good answering the questions with confidence, and i think i'm fully prepared for my finals this time. however, bio is another story. that paper, is the one i have to go all out for. since we dont have trials for bio, so i'm a lil insecure as to what my results might be. its time to struggle now i guess. first paper is on thursday, which is english. ;)

there's a lot of things that have been happening to me lately. there are always ups and downs in everything in life kan? well, i'm on the downs now. i believe that when i'm in need of help, its not wrong to be the hand to ask, because i might be the hand that will give, in return, one day. and so, that's what i'm doing now. bowing my head low, and putting my pride aside, and acknowledging the fact that i am indeed in need of help. i can honestly say that i'm proud to have such amazing friends who stayed with me no matter what. and i am forever grateful for the things that they had done for me. thank you again guys. ;)

moving on, lets talk about my graduation night. which leaves me scratching my head now. i'm officially dateless! how's that for a change? errrr, i know i needed a date, but i'm awfully lazy to think of one. might as well go alone kan? at least my gay friend will be there, and my friends too. i'm gonna have a great time, why bother? :)

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