Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Moving, its a must, its a hassle, its a..

Tell me, from where do I have to start packing?


I have just been notified that I have to move out of my unit and transfer to the next block. OUH YEAH, LEMME GET THIS STRAIGHT. NEXT BLOCK. And I have to do it tomorrow, since the new MUFY intake are coming in on 1st July. So, tomorrow i have to:

1. Go and hand in my keys, get new keys from Sunway Hostel Management. *which means that I have to go to college, very early in the morning! aiyo.

2. Pack, pack, pack, and packkkkkkk. OMG, my room is like full of stuff!!!!!

3. Carry all those stuff to the NEXT BLOCK!! I'm pretty sure my backbone will sustain a lot of injury tomorrow. God, have mercy on me. :(

4. Unpack, clean new house, yada yada yada. Which is a hassle! haisssshhh. and energy consumingggggg.

TO CONCLUDE: Okay, this is an open invitation to all of you! Please do come and help me pack tomorrow? There's like awfully a lot of things to be taken care off, and I can't imagine what its gonna be like without any help tomorrow!

ERR, AND DID I MENTION WE'RE MOVING FROM 3RD FLOOR A BLOCK TO 22ND FLOOR B BLOCK. Its like wayyyyyyyy up there you know? :((

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Jeng jeng jeng

MUFY official results:


I'm grinning from ears to ears right now, as my final exams result is not as expected AT ALL. With the last minute studying and all, getting all HD is more than I asked for! Alhamdulillah.


Sunday, June 27, 2010

England vs Germany

Today is a day full of hibernatinggg. I’ve been sleeping for 18 hours straight! Simply because I refuse to wake up. and part of the reason to that is because I’m flat broke and mom’s only gonna give me money on monday. Her trick to make me go back home now is to stop giving me money. I think its kinda working, because I cant live being broke! Damn, it sucks, really. I’ve never been this broke in my life before. Its a learning experience, indeed. :)

I think I have to go home soon, I’m feeling kinda homesick. Besides, degree is starting soon! Early July, I think. I better get myself home before that.

Ouh, I almost forgot. MUFY results is coming out tomorrow! Pray that I’ll excel yeah? Hee. I’m awfully nervous, as the result will determine the continuity of my scholarship or not. :|

Moving on, I’ve cleared my head already. Thanks to Zana and Adeeb for their support and advice. :) It was nice sleeping over at Adeeb’s house and talking to Zana for hours on ym. Love you girls a lot! :)

Friday, June 25, 2010

Another tear shed.

And I have not wondered in a long time, "Am I not good enough?". Today, you made me wonder that. I didn't know what triggered my jealousy again, but I really can't help but feel so left out, even though it seems like I've let myself in. The way you care about her, and forget about everything else around you, didn't struck me as odd. But then I felt the pain deep inside, and I know for sure that I've fallen for you. I noticed that you tried to draw a line between us these days, and I tried too. Its hard, but I'm living with it.

It's sad when I can't do anything but to let my feelings die, since what I want belongs to someone else. It's sad too, when I finally realized that you didn't care about me, as much as you cared about her. It's far too late when I find myself getting hurt watching both of you together. I wish there's an OFF button to what I'm feeling now, coz its pulling me down day by day. I've been holding on great, faking smiles and laughs all the time. It's killing me inside! Sadly, I've got no other option. I can't afford you knowing the feelings I had for you, since I know that it'll go away in a couple of months. Its my 3 months curse, remember?

Bottom line is, today I feel awfully awful. Like serious shit awful. I'm tired of being your liability, hunneh. haish.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

I need a new blog template! like serious shit. Guys, i'm gonna need recommendations on blog templates sites and stuff. My blog needs some serious reconstructing. :)
Please drop off links to the hottest blog template sites available yeahh? Thanks in advance!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Bukit Cerakah, once upon a time

I remembered in the earlier posts, when I first met hilmey, I mentioned about his crowd. I remembered loving his crowd the first time, and I still love them up till this day. I've become one of the people in that crowd too, as mostly I'm hanging out with them these days. hee. It would be unfair not to introduce them to you guys right? All of these photos were taken a couple of months back, in Bukit Cerakah, Shah Alam. There were about 50 person in that trip, but i'll just show a few here, okay?

Syed Syafiq, he's my soulmate! Someone I truly adore, and sangat sekepala ngan I! :)

Suku of the crowd. haha.

Syed, Azim and the others.

Taufiq si mata kelabu.

Kak Far, si comey2 bucuk2 manje2.

Gamba gemukku bersama Syed. :((

And the most talked about, mentioned about, the latest guy in my life, Hilmey. :)

nahhh, not my boyfriend yeahh. He's a lot like a brother to me, and for you ladies out there, he isn't available. dah ade gf pun. hahaha.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Genting trip, la pictas. :)

As promised, the pictures for my genting trip right after my final exams the other day. The trip was superb, as we managed to stick to our budget, and not spend a single cent on food there! a two day trip full of memories, and good times in which I'll miss after this. All's well for this trip, although i almost died out of being scared while playing the games there. hee. :)

Dalam bus, ade cita2 nak jadi kumbanggg. ouh, lenganku yang besar drumstick!

Inside the cable car, gayattttttt!

This Space Shot made me cry when i reach the ground safely. super scary! huuuuuu.

The Corkscrew pun bikin gua cuak weyyyy! muka je senyum for the camerawoman. fuhhh.

Group photo. hehehe.

This is so randommmmmmm. I dont know what's the point, layan jeee~ hehe.

Now, start counting. There's seven of us in that small room. Yeahh, quite stuffy but fun! hehehe.

It was my first trip to Genting, and so I was a bit jakun. Ngahaha. Am glad that I finally got there, after almost 19 years of living. Gila kan?

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

I know i’ve promised updates, but i’m away from my lappy a lot. so... haha. obviously there’s a lot to tell, yada, yada, yada. and to cut to the chase, i’ll list down what i’ve been up to these days, yeah?

1. had a long mamak session with my boys. adam, eimal, aniq, naem, and shahir. awesome catching up time! :))
2. met adeeb, abell, nawal, wani, ayong and aulia in bangi. i missed adeeb a lot, and it felt nice to finally get to meet her. :D another great day spent, and i cant wait to finally meet yayang when she come back for winter break in december! hee.
3. toncet came from melaka and spent two days with me. she had helped a lot in sorting things out for me, i’ve been a lil confused lately and i’m glad that everything’s okay now. we had a great time alongside my cousin watching The A-team and Lagenda Budak Setan which is over the moon best! :D
4. my Genting trip, lovely time spent at home and stuffs is up to the pics to tell. kan?
thus, now i’m signing off with a huge grin as i’ve finally updated my blog! :))

Sunday, June 06, 2010

catch up everyone!

I haven't had time to write lately, been busy with my genting trip, family, and stuffs. anyways, i'll be updating with pictures tomorrow. wait up yeah? ;)

These days, a lot has happened. So many things changed, and I cant help but feel anxious about it. And so many things had left me feeling sad, and most of the times with tears in my eyes. I am cheerful, and happy all the time, but inside, everything hurts. The argument with my cousin didn't get any better. I've tried calling her a lot of times, but she refused to pick up. I dont know what else i should do for her to listen to me, for her to talk to me, for her to think straight once again. I'm never mad at her, not even a little. I'm just hurt by her actions, that's all.

Last thursday, i went back to melaka. Then only i realised how much i've missed at home. My two baby brothers grew up so fast, and i cant help but feel so left out. Mom is getting better at being a single mom. And i only saw dad just now, before i came back here to subang. I enjoyed the three days i spent at home. Went to watch Shrek Forever After with my sibs and mom, and i baked cupcakes afterwards. I love baking for my brothers mainly. I hope that they love what i did for them too. I wanted to stay at home longer, but i really really really cant. And that breaks my heart too. Mom asked me not to go back, but i dont really have a choice. I hate leaving the kids at home, especially since its the school holiday now. Ughh.

And so, here i am all alone in my apartment. I'm feeling horrible due to homesickness. Met apek just now, gave him half a dozen cupcakes, and still i feel alone. I am praying hard that this holiday wont be that sad afterall. Come, pray with me will ya?