Friday, June 25, 2010

Another tear shed.

And I have not wondered in a long time, "Am I not good enough?". Today, you made me wonder that. I didn't know what triggered my jealousy again, but I really can't help but feel so left out, even though it seems like I've let myself in. The way you care about her, and forget about everything else around you, didn't struck me as odd. But then I felt the pain deep inside, and I know for sure that I've fallen for you. I noticed that you tried to draw a line between us these days, and I tried too. Its hard, but I'm living with it.

It's sad when I can't do anything but to let my feelings die, since what I want belongs to someone else. It's sad too, when I finally realized that you didn't care about me, as much as you cared about her. It's far too late when I find myself getting hurt watching both of you together. I wish there's an OFF button to what I'm feeling now, coz its pulling me down day by day. I've been holding on great, faking smiles and laughs all the time. It's killing me inside! Sadly, I've got no other option. I can't afford you knowing the feelings I had for you, since I know that it'll go away in a couple of months. Its my 3 months curse, remember?

Bottom line is, today I feel awfully awful. Like serious shit awful. I'm tired of being your liability, hunneh. haish.

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adeeb said...

come over and we'l talk about it ok je?!