Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Bukit Cerakah, once upon a time

I remembered in the earlier posts, when I first met hilmey, I mentioned about his crowd. I remembered loving his crowd the first time, and I still love them up till this day. I've become one of the people in that crowd too, as mostly I'm hanging out with them these days. hee. It would be unfair not to introduce them to you guys right? All of these photos were taken a couple of months back, in Bukit Cerakah, Shah Alam. There were about 50 person in that trip, but i'll just show a few here, okay?

Syed Syafiq, he's my soulmate! Someone I truly adore, and sangat sekepala ngan I! :)

Suku of the crowd. haha.

Syed, Azim and the others.

Taufiq si mata kelabu.

Kak Far, si comey2 bucuk2 manje2.

Gamba gemukku bersama Syed. :((

And the most talked about, mentioned about, the latest guy in my life, Hilmey. :)

nahhh, not my boyfriend yeahh. He's a lot like a brother to me, and for you ladies out there, he isn't available. dah ade gf pun. hahaha.


nabihah said...

hey ade orang mate kelabu!
macam cute.
kenalkan dekat i dear.. :p

Nur Shakhina Ahmad said...

hahaha. boleh, ape plak tak boleh nyee. :))

adeeb said...

so now u updated those long lost pictures.
kawan2 bisness ya sayang?
love you loads!

Nur Shakhina Ahmad said...

hahaha. yuppp. kawan2 bisness!
love ya tons too! :))