Sunday, June 06, 2010

catch up everyone!

I haven't had time to write lately, been busy with my genting trip, family, and stuffs. anyways, i'll be updating with pictures tomorrow. wait up yeah? ;)

These days, a lot has happened. So many things changed, and I cant help but feel anxious about it. And so many things had left me feeling sad, and most of the times with tears in my eyes. I am cheerful, and happy all the time, but inside, everything hurts. The argument with my cousin didn't get any better. I've tried calling her a lot of times, but she refused to pick up. I dont know what else i should do for her to listen to me, for her to talk to me, for her to think straight once again. I'm never mad at her, not even a little. I'm just hurt by her actions, that's all.

Last thursday, i went back to melaka. Then only i realised how much i've missed at home. My two baby brothers grew up so fast, and i cant help but feel so left out. Mom is getting better at being a single mom. And i only saw dad just now, before i came back here to subang. I enjoyed the three days i spent at home. Went to watch Shrek Forever After with my sibs and mom, and i baked cupcakes afterwards. I love baking for my brothers mainly. I hope that they love what i did for them too. I wanted to stay at home longer, but i really really really cant. And that breaks my heart too. Mom asked me not to go back, but i dont really have a choice. I hate leaving the kids at home, especially since its the school holiday now. Ughh.

And so, here i am all alone in my apartment. I'm feeling horrible due to homesickness. Met apek just now, gave him half a dozen cupcakes, and still i feel alone. I am praying hard that this holiday wont be that sad afterall. Come, pray with me will ya?


.:: meanie ninie ::. said...

glad you're coping up hun. just be strong okay? dun worry, every cloud has it's own silver lining. <3

Nur Shakhina Ahmad said...

thanks aunt! :)