Sunday, June 27, 2010

England vs Germany

Today is a day full of hibernatinggg. I’ve been sleeping for 18 hours straight! Simply because I refuse to wake up. and part of the reason to that is because I’m flat broke and mom’s only gonna give me money on monday. Her trick to make me go back home now is to stop giving me money. I think its kinda working, because I cant live being broke! Damn, it sucks, really. I’ve never been this broke in my life before. Its a learning experience, indeed. :)

I think I have to go home soon, I’m feeling kinda homesick. Besides, degree is starting soon! Early July, I think. I better get myself home before that.

Ouh, I almost forgot. MUFY results is coming out tomorrow! Pray that I’ll excel yeah? Hee. I’m awfully nervous, as the result will determine the continuity of my scholarship or not. :|

Moving on, I’ve cleared my head already. Thanks to Zana and Adeeb for their support and advice. :) It was nice sleeping over at Adeeb’s house and talking to Zana for hours on ym. Love you girls a lot! :)


adeeb said...

aww need to mention my name!?
love having u around!
feels like asrama again

good luck darl!
i love you!

Nur Shakhina Ahmad said...

asrama? definitely! too much of jasin thingy going on. heeee. :)
thanks babe.