Friday, June 18, 2010

Genting trip, la pictas. :)

As promised, the pictures for my genting trip right after my final exams the other day. The trip was superb, as we managed to stick to our budget, and not spend a single cent on food there! a two day trip full of memories, and good times in which I'll miss after this. All's well for this trip, although i almost died out of being scared while playing the games there. hee. :)

Dalam bus, ade cita2 nak jadi kumbanggg. ouh, lenganku yang besar drumstick!

Inside the cable car, gayattttttt!

This Space Shot made me cry when i reach the ground safely. super scary! huuuuuu.

The Corkscrew pun bikin gua cuak weyyyy! muka je senyum for the camerawoman. fuhhh.

Group photo. hehehe.

This is so randommmmmmm. I dont know what's the point, layan jeee~ hehe.

Now, start counting. There's seven of us in that small room. Yeahh, quite stuffy but fun! hehehe.

It was my first trip to Genting, and so I was a bit jakun. Ngahaha. Am glad that I finally got there, after almost 19 years of living. Gila kan?

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.:: meanie ninie ::. said...

good to hear you're having fun! :)