Wednesday, June 16, 2010

I know i’ve promised updates, but i’m away from my lappy a lot. so... haha. obviously there’s a lot to tell, yada, yada, yada. and to cut to the chase, i’ll list down what i’ve been up to these days, yeah?

1. had a long mamak session with my boys. adam, eimal, aniq, naem, and shahir. awesome catching up time! :))
2. met adeeb, abell, nawal, wani, ayong and aulia in bangi. i missed adeeb a lot, and it felt nice to finally get to meet her. :D another great day spent, and i cant wait to finally meet yayang when she come back for winter break in december! hee.
3. toncet came from melaka and spent two days with me. she had helped a lot in sorting things out for me, i’ve been a lil confused lately and i’m glad that everything’s okay now. we had a great time alongside my cousin watching The A-team and Lagenda Budak Setan which is over the moon best! :D
4. my Genting trip, lovely time spent at home and stuffs is up to the pics to tell. kan?
thus, now i’m signing off with a huge grin as i’ve finally updated my blog! :))


yayang.saira said...

awww, i can't wait to be back toooo~
maybe lagi 5-6 monthssss. miss you guys okay? =)

Anonymous said...

terbaek larh u jeje! ahahahaha.. mmg update fast and furious nyer! waiting for the picts! ahahaha... glad u're doing well... take care hunny! muahx2!!!