Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Moving, its a must, its a hassle, its a..

Tell me, from where do I have to start packing?


I have just been notified that I have to move out of my unit and transfer to the next block. OUH YEAH, LEMME GET THIS STRAIGHT. NEXT BLOCK. And I have to do it tomorrow, since the new MUFY intake are coming in on 1st July. So, tomorrow i have to:

1. Go and hand in my keys, get new keys from Sunway Hostel Management. *which means that I have to go to college, very early in the morning! aiyo.

2. Pack, pack, pack, and packkkkkkk. OMG, my room is like full of stuff!!!!!

3. Carry all those stuff to the NEXT BLOCK!! I'm pretty sure my backbone will sustain a lot of injury tomorrow. God, have mercy on me. :(

4. Unpack, clean new house, yada yada yada. Which is a hassle! haisssshhh. and energy consumingggggg.

TO CONCLUDE: Okay, this is an open invitation to all of you! Please do come and help me pack tomorrow? There's like awfully a lot of things to be taken care off, and I can't imagine what its gonna be like without any help tomorrow!

ERR, AND DID I MENTION WE'RE MOVING FROM 3RD FLOOR A BLOCK TO 22ND FLOOR B BLOCK. Its like wayyyyyyyy up there you know? :((

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