Thursday, July 22, 2010

And so, we have to say goodbye.

Yeah, finally I managed to squeeze in some time to update my dusty blog. Haish, I gotta admit, living with the internet on my mobile phone is simply not enough. I kinda miss seeing webpages in its original size, not the shrunken ones!

Anyway, about a week ago, on 15th of July 2010 at Sunway Hotel Resort & Spa almost all of us MUFY kids, gathered for a dinner and our graduation. On the day itself, I remembered last minute dress hunting and last minute showering, make up, yada yada yada. Mimi came with her parents and I tag along. :) We arrived half an hour late, and the registration tables are already emptied. ( You could just assume that we crashed the dinner, actually.)

The dinner was great, a six course meal, I believe, and I especially love the dessert. Honey dew and yucky stuff, but it tasted so good! So, we grab our certs of completion, take some pictures and leave. Nothing much happened that day, not so much drama whatsoever, but it was fun seeing everyone after such a long time. :)

Now, enough of chit chatting. Here are the not so awesome pics!

The fitting session. Must be awful for Mimi, several shops I believe, had been messed up that day, just to find the so called "perfect dress". Not so perfect la in the end, thanks to my flabby arms.
Myself and the gay friend of mine. (He's not gay actually, its just an inside joke).I haven't seen him in ages! Okay, I'm exaggerating. We both had been busy with classes and all, so we barely had time to catch up. haha.

Ladies in blue! I wonder why all of us had come up with dresses of the same colour. It was nice though. Ade gang kan? hehehe.

Meerah, Mimi and I. in between photo taking sessions. lol. ;P

My dates on that night.
Nahhhhhh. Just the guys who tends to turn my world upside down. From left, Iman, myself, Khairin, (I dont know the bald guy), and Julian.
Okayy. Enough of grad stories. Well, let's talk about my sakai looking hair after a 10 mins haircut. Like what? :(

See for yourself. Aiyo.
Dear hair, please grow much faster this time, I won't cut you off as ugly as this. I promise. :)

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