Sunday, July 04, 2010

Dragons, the kids, and I

This happened two weeks ago. For three days in a row me and the kids from One went to Putrajaya Water Sport Area in support of this:

Well, the main theme for the event was to work on our tan! hahaha. Nahhh, its a continuous race for participating team, from all over the globe. We did send a team to participate as well! Although we didn't get to win the race, but its a valuable experience for all of us to be a part of this major event, especially since One is the gold sponsor. :)

Spending three days in the blazing heat, my face is super tan now! but i think its recovering laa. *more whitening products, please? I had a great time those days, and its one of the highlights of my holidays. And so, moving on to the pictures. I bet some of you guys already noticed it on fb! hahaha, still, I thought I should upload it.

Us, in a tight circle. The clowns of my life lately. Hilmey, Taro, and Syed.

The One poster, its like everywhere! Aiyo. This time with Erfan, Hilmey, Syida and Syed.

Ngahahaha. I'd love this picture MORE if I was caught jumping too! Problem is, I cant jump too high, see? Huu. It's Taro, Erfan and Syida who were jumping high enough for the camera. (-_-")

I was wearing flats, and my feet now got belang weyyy. Haish.

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