Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Happy birthday, suga.

Its the first day I’m seeing Hilmey after my infamous “I got rejected” breakdown. Well, I thought it was going to be super awkward, but luckily it wasn’t! haha. I met him for awhile just now, and we both acted normal. Even before that, we texted as usual. Fuhh. I’m glad it didn’t exactly ruin our friendship. :)

Anyway, now I can finally concentrate on his coming birthday tomorrow. *which also means tonight, at 12.

So, I’m meeting Syida to get details on whatever plan there is tomorrow. As for my personal gift, I just made him a card. Mimi said that it might not be a good idea to get him a gift, since maybe he’d think that I have feelings for him for sure. Lol. I know. Its kinda complicated. I hope that he likes it though. The card, the surprise, the everything! I’m crossing my fingers for the best tomorrow. hee.

I’ll update on the birthday and stuff later, okay. Nak pegi makan dlu. I puase ganti. btw. =P

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