Sunday, July 04, 2010

Mi Casa. Casa Impian? LOL

Two days ago, I came back to Melaka. Tumpang Apek, had him wait for me for four hours since I had to take care of a few things first, before I leave. So, I arrived at 3 am and booom, went to bed straight.

It's very weird coz the next morning my mom called me.*like on my handphone okay. I picked up, and she was mad, ayat dah nak menyumpah. Tanye I, bila nak balik Melaka, yada yada yada. Then only I remembered. I didn't tell her that I got back home already. hehe. It was pretty late when I reached home, she was asleep and I went straight to bed, what do you expect? Anyway, she tak jadi get mad, when I'm home already rupenye. haha. :))

That was only the beginning of the days i spent at home. I think my mom is determined to make me fatter than I already am currently. She feeds me continuously with delicious food, junk food, ice creams, you name it. My spare tyre not only doubled, but tripled in just two days! Imagine that. Its not a bad thing, considering that she cared a lot about me and sharina. She's at home too, having her 1 week holidays. Dad came home too, and he bought a lot of fruits for us! Durians, mangosteen, woohoo! Aww, it was so sweet of them to get whatever it is that we want to eat. :)) And in a way, it shows me how much they misses me. :(

It felt terrible as I'll be leaving tomorrow back to Subang. I know I'll miss the people at home much more this time, as I'm about to start my degree and stuff. Ouh why d we have to grow up?

p/s: I baked Chocolate Lava Cake today! It was awfully good, especially while eating it with vanilla ice cream. hehehe. Mom loves it, which makes me feel good at least.

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