Monday, July 19, 2010

Yeah, all I need is you.

I shall write less from now on. Why? Well, mainly because I've moved into a new house(yet again), this time somewhere even dodgier from casa subang. And in this very ugly looking house, there's no internet yeah. Me and my housemates are living surrounded by pakistanis and bangladeshians. Danggggg, I'm hitting my head even harder now, since I can't even process the fact that my life has downgrade so much this few months. And JPA isn't helping either. I wonder why does it takes forever just to bank in the money to us poor kids! Life sucks big time without money. Like, sucks sucks sucks!

Well, enough of that.

Have you guys been to the I-CITY? Well, if you're from Shah Alam especially, you must've been there a thousand times at least! Only me, Si Jakun, finally went there last week. This time, I went there with Hilmey, Ikin, Syida and Yan. :)

Okay, the deer looks familiar. Remember my post back then, when I visited a place in Melaka with lighted animal replicas? Yeah, its pretty much the same.

This place gives off Winter Sonata vibe. HAHAHA.

Syida with a blurry picture. Credits to me, for the shaky hands. hehehe.

Finally, a picture of myself. DARKEN. Thanks to Hilmey anyway for taking me there.

It was a great night as I remembered. All of us had fun bonding and cheering each other up. I wish for things to be the same now. :(

Here's the thing. Hilmey and I are not really on good terms now, partly because I've decided to walk away from him. It saddens me not texting him or calling him or seeing him. Yet, I know I've set my feet down on this matter. I guess I just have to deal with it then.

Shit. Why does it feel like I'm having a bad break up? I'm not even in a relationship with him, for God sakes! Well, I don't even know what to think now. But it kinda hurt me, being away from him and all. Let it be lah kan?

Okay, this post is awfully long. So, bear with me in the next post as I write about MUFY Grad Night 2010. Till then, Albrinz, stop blog-stalking me and posting it up on fb okay? I'll smack you if you ever do that next time. ;)

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