Friday, August 27, 2010

How can the day be so long?

Well, I never actually got around to writing my birthday wishlist. Its funny when I read back my birthday wishlist last year. So naive, so simple, just a normal birthday with my beloved boyfriend. CLICK HERE FOR LAST YEAR'S WISHLIST

This year I haven't quite figure out what I want for my birthday yet. Pretty much what I wrote on my birthday wishlist before this, I didn't get, so I'm just saving myself the trouble of writing it down this year.

How time flies. I'm gonna be nineteen already. I was so excited for my 18th birthday, but I'm not as excited this year. Reaching 19 means just another step to go to 20. OMG, I never imagine myself getting this old, honestly. But, who cares? I'm becoming more mature now, taking matters into my own hands. Working to pay for my expenses and all. Who would've thought that I would be this independent? I myself can't believe how different I am now. I guess circumstances can force us to do things we never thought we would.

Anyway, I'm working again tomorrow. I'm still wondering bila duet JPA nak masuk ni. Bengang kadang- kadang. I have to pay for so many things, but they are processing my allowance for too long!

I'll do it all over again. Yeah, I will.

Yesterday, was what I can say, THE WORST DAY EVER. I was struggling very hard trying to get what I want, I can't even concentrate on what my lecturers are saying anymore.

Have you ever had something that you want so much, you're just simply not gonna let it go? Be it a new phone, new bag, dress, whatever. Just that one thing that you've been chasing for. Its right in front of you, but it seems that you can't grab it. Feels bad isn't it? Well, to be honest this particular thing had been on my mind for almost a year now. This thing had brought me into a very long, winded journey. I keep questioning myself, why can't I get it, after everything that I've done?

So I was all moody and sad and devastated yesterday. Mimi, Diana and I decided to catch a movie to cheer me up after berbuka. We went to college since there's an iftar there, (might as well save money on food and spend it on movie tickets, you see) and food is free! Okay, I was just expecting a quiet evening to clear my mind off things. But then guess who showed up there? Aizat again. I feel like literally having a breakdown yesterday. A few tears escaped my eyes, but Mimi cheered me up instantly.

I dont even know what got into me yesterday, maybe I was a little emotional. But I really think that it was a bad timing for him to show up. I didn't hate him or anything, I just wish that I won't be seeing him around, ever. He's a part of my life I'm still trying hard to forget. The least he could do is to stay away from me. I even prayed that he'll move to another country sometimes. Reality's not working that way, so it seems. I don't know about anything anymore. :(

And my birthday's coming soon. Looks like I'll be all alone for my birthday too, this year. Nevermind, maybe I should start listing down my birthday wishes to cheer me up. Will post it up later though.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Japanese to Americans. Ouhh.

So this is where I used to work at, until last week actually. Thank God for another job offer which I took, and I am more than glad to leave that place. Its not that I hated the job, its just the uniform and the smell of it after I got back from work.

SMELL: meaning bau hangit because I'm in the kitchen sometimes, and that place serve Japanese DIY Teppayanki.

Anyway, my new job is something I prefer more which is basically being a promoter. You know the one standing to greet you when you enter a store? That's kinda me now. The pay is better than Pepper Lunch and I get to work ONLY ON WEEKENDS! So, I'm not complaining much.

Okay, I better start complaining now, its not normal for me to not complain. hehe. My legs are hurting terribly from standing for 8 hours and running here and there to arrange the clothes yada yada. It was not as terrible as when i was working in Takasima, but it was equally tiring. I love working there though. I met a few nice people there, but of course I need time to adapt, AGAIn. Hopefully everything goes smoothly for me in the future.

ANDDDDD, NOPE. I'm not telling you guys where i'm working now. :)
Come and visit me sometimes though. heeee.

You need help with your brain, sister?

And so, here I am again in this not-so-boring but cold library. Let me tell you this. I really need to vent my anger somewhere somehow. Having new housemates who manage to put my life in a very miserable condition is something I need people to applaud for. Damnnnnnnnnn.

We actually have internet access for one day, thankyouverymuch. The streamyx guy finally came, and everything was fine until someone dropped the modem and spoils it. And that someone seems to not want to help make the situation better by calling streamyx or what. She just stays in her perfect little world. I of all people would love to give her a good smack in the head! ughhhh. I am tired for having to go to work and I need to finish my assignments and quiz and stuff and THAT REQUIRES INTERNET ACCESS, YOU FOOL. Luckily mimi and I are working on fixing it,(like calling my brother and the internet guy again and again and again).

Lets just hope that the matters will be solved SOON. I could lose my temper if I tolerate any more of her nonsense. LIKE SERIOUSLY.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Stuck in the moment. :)

With you,
With you,
I wish we had another time,
I wish we had another place

Now Romeo & Juliet,
Bet they never felt the way we felt,
Bonnie & Clyde,
Never had to hide like,
We do,
We do

You and I both know it can't work,
It's all fun and games,
'til someone gets hurt,
And I don't,
I won't let that be you
Now you don't wanna let go,
And I don't wanna let you know,
that there might be something real between us two, who knew?
Now we don't wanna fall but,
We're tripping in our hearts and it's reckless and clumsy,
'cause I know you can't love me hey

I wish we had another time,
I wish we had another place,
But everything we have is stuck in the moment,
And there's nothing my heart can do (can do),
To fight with time and space 'cause,
I'm still stuck in the moment with you

See like Adam & Eve,
Tragedy was a destiny,
Like Sunny & Cher,
I don't care,
I got you baby

See we both,
Fightin' every inch of our fiber 'cause in a way,
It's gonna end right but,
We are both too foolish to stop

Now you don't wanna let go,
And I don't wanna let you know,
that there might be something real between us two, who knew?
And we don't wanna fall but,
We're tripping in our hearts and it's reckless and clumsy,
And I know you can't love me hey

I wish we had another time,
I wish we had another place,
But everything we have is stuck in the moment,
And there's nothing my heart can do (can do),
To fight with time and space 'cause,
I'm still stuck in the moment with you

See like,
Just because this cruel cruel world saying we can't be,
Baby, we both have the right to disagree,
And I ain't with it,
I don't wanna be so old and grey,
Reminiscin' 'bout these better days,
But convince just telling us to let go,
So we'll never know

I wish we had another time,
I wish we had another place,
'cause everything we did,
And everything we have is stuck in the moment,

I wish we had another time,
I wish we had another place,
But everything we have is stuck in the moment,
And there's nothing my heart can do,
(Nothing my heart can do),
To fight with time and space 'cause,
I'm still stuck in the moment with you,
Whoa whoa

Justin Bieber really knows how to put my life in perspective. lol. I just love the lyrics to this song. And I love him! ngahaha.

Slumdog millionaire. haha.

I wonder why the streamyx guy take ages to install streamys in our house! I'm stressed out due to lack of internet. (Am I actually whining about this again??) I hope they do it soon. I'm missing out on a lot of blog posts to write actually. And I currently forget just about everything that I intend to write.

Where to begin huh?


I started working in a fast food restaurant on wednesday right? It was TIRING AS HELL. I worked for four hours, but it feels like I'm actually working double the time! Well, I have to clean, send orders, yada yada. Bless them, that I didn't have to cook! Haha. It's a great exerience la, to be able to work in that kind of place with such an ugly uniform. (I'm not exaggerating here, the uniform IS UGLY, really. You know the uniform for prisoners? That's how it looks like. Only worse.) I am currently working for only four days per week. On weekends and wednesday and thursday, because I cant afford to miss out on doing my assignments or anything.

So far, I'm only having troubles with my lab reports as I tend to do it so last minute! I think if I can overcome this problem, ALL IS WELL then. :)

Moving on to Hilmey(again). haha. We remain friends afterall. Even closer than before, and I'm surprised, I'll admit that. I don't know exactly why, but it seems likehis trying to be closer to me. No worries, I'm still bearing in mind that he has someone already. So screw him for not telling me the truth, really! I kinda hold a grudge against him for that. haha. Nahh. He's good to me, so I'm not gonna complain much.

Anyway, wish me luck for my first assessment tomorrow. It's chemisry and I've been absent minded during lectures, so I think I'm dead tomorrow. (-___-')

Ehh wait.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Of vampires and blood.

Hot news today:


hee. not exactly hot news or anything, but because this is my first time, I'm over excited! :) At first I was awfully scared, seeing the needles. I mean, man, IT'S SO BIGGGGG! but when the nurse poke it on my arm, it doesn't hurt that bad. I'm glad that its over though. I cried a little because I was scared, but it was nothing, really.

And my blood fully filled the bag in five minutes! (told ya the needle was big right? -.-) So fast! I feel a little lightheaded after that, which was normal. The point is, my blood will be transfused to those in need! How awesome is that?

The setting was a little like this la. Very comfortable indeed. :)

So, I am definitely encouraging everyone to go and donate your blood. Especially those who have rare blood types, like AB. It will only take up alittle of your time, but will help others big time. :)

Ouh btw, my blood is O type. hee.

Monday, August 09, 2010

Kenapa saya marah awak? Kenapaaaaaaa?

Woohoo. Told ya I'm gonna be missing for a while. THIS IS ALL BECAUSE OF NO INTERNET. Effing annoying. I'm still wondering when the streamyx guy is gonna set up our internet line. Probably this week. NO. I NEED IT to be this week. *sighhh. Assignments are piling up, lack of internet didn't seem to help at all.

Okay, let's not dwell on the internet thingy shall we?

Look what I've been making myself busy with!!

I am obsessed with blinging! Nahhh, not exactly obsessed, but just excited to bling my phone. See how it looks like now? AWESOMEEEEE!

Favourite new thing I suppose. :)

College is okay, and normal, which is weird in a way. ( See, I never expected it will be normal or anything)

But, I gotta say this. I am kinda pissed at JPA for the very very late allowance. Its not even in now. :( And I'm flat broke. AGAIN.

So, starting this wednesday, I'm working part time! The pay is low, but still, I need to survive somehow right? And I need money for food especially. It's fasting month now kan. I wonder when will my scholar money be ready? :((

Happy working for me though.

Monday, August 02, 2010

Saya suke pergi berkhemah. SUKEEE sangat.

Hahaha, Title post yang sangat mengong. Alkisahnya, I went camping a couple of days back. Where? At Gunung Datuk, Negeri Sembilan.

Just a fast fact: I NEVER WENT ON A CAMPING TRIP BEFORE! Which is funny, since I'm nineteen, and all. So, I figure, why not? Its a last minute decision, and last minute packing and all. But me, and the kids from One, arrived safely on Saturday. Its a 2 hours journey from KL to the camping site, but I wasn't that excited to go anyway. (part of the reason was that Hilmey didn't come along.) Two days spent there was okay, and I end up having fever when I got back here.

I'm still feeling feverish, so I'll leave you guys with a few pictures from there then. -.-'

All the ladies from my team in red. Well, except for Yan of course.

Taro, my next favourite person, in Blue! and the rest of us.

Ouh, btw. Ramadhan is drawing near. Have all of you finished ganti puasa? Better do it soon, yeah? :) I've finished replacing mine.