Friday, August 27, 2010

How can the day be so long?

Well, I never actually got around to writing my birthday wishlist. Its funny when I read back my birthday wishlist last year. So naive, so simple, just a normal birthday with my beloved boyfriend. CLICK HERE FOR LAST YEAR'S WISHLIST

This year I haven't quite figure out what I want for my birthday yet. Pretty much what I wrote on my birthday wishlist before this, I didn't get, so I'm just saving myself the trouble of writing it down this year.

How time flies. I'm gonna be nineteen already. I was so excited for my 18th birthday, but I'm not as excited this year. Reaching 19 means just another step to go to 20. OMG, I never imagine myself getting this old, honestly. But, who cares? I'm becoming more mature now, taking matters into my own hands. Working to pay for my expenses and all. Who would've thought that I would be this independent? I myself can't believe how different I am now. I guess circumstances can force us to do things we never thought we would.

Anyway, I'm working again tomorrow. I'm still wondering bila duet JPA nak masuk ni. Bengang kadang- kadang. I have to pay for so many things, but they are processing my allowance for too long!

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