Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Slumdog millionaire. haha.

I wonder why the streamyx guy take ages to install streamys in our house! I'm stressed out due to lack of internet. (Am I actually whining about this again??) I hope they do it soon. I'm missing out on a lot of blog posts to write actually. And I currently forget just about everything that I intend to write.

Where to begin huh?


I started working in a fast food restaurant on wednesday right? It was TIRING AS HELL. I worked for four hours, but it feels like I'm actually working double the time! Well, I have to clean, send orders, yada yada. Bless them, that I didn't have to cook! Haha. It's a great exerience la, to be able to work in that kind of place with such an ugly uniform. (I'm not exaggerating here, the uniform IS UGLY, really. You know the uniform for prisoners? That's how it looks like. Only worse.) I am currently working for only four days per week. On weekends and wednesday and thursday, because I cant afford to miss out on doing my assignments or anything.

So far, I'm only having troubles with my lab reports as I tend to do it so last minute! I think if I can overcome this problem, ALL IS WELL then. :)

Moving on to Hilmey(again). haha. We remain friends afterall. Even closer than before, and I'm surprised, I'll admit that. I don't know exactly why, but it seems likehis trying to be closer to me. No worries, I'm still bearing in mind that he has someone already. So screw him for not telling me the truth, really! I kinda hold a grudge against him for that. haha. Nahh. He's good to me, so I'm not gonna complain much.

Anyway, wish me luck for my first assessment tomorrow. It's chemisry and I've been absent minded during lectures, so I think I'm dead tomorrow. (-___-')

Ehh wait.

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