Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Japanese to Americans. Ouhh.

So this is where I used to work at, until last week actually. Thank God for another job offer which I took, and I am more than glad to leave that place. Its not that I hated the job, its just the uniform and the smell of it after I got back from work.

SMELL: meaning bau hangit because I'm in the kitchen sometimes, and that place serve Japanese DIY Teppayanki.

Anyway, my new job is something I prefer more which is basically being a promoter. You know the one standing to greet you when you enter a store? That's kinda me now. The pay is better than Pepper Lunch and I get to work ONLY ON WEEKENDS! So, I'm not complaining much.

Okay, I better start complaining now, its not normal for me to not complain. hehe. My legs are hurting terribly from standing for 8 hours and running here and there to arrange the clothes yada yada. It was not as terrible as when i was working in Takasima, but it was equally tiring. I love working there though. I met a few nice people there, but of course I need time to adapt, AGAIn. Hopefully everything goes smoothly for me in the future.

ANDDDDD, NOPE. I'm not telling you guys where i'm working now. :)
Come and visit me sometimes though. heeee.

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