Monday, August 09, 2010

Kenapa saya marah awak? Kenapaaaaaaa?

Woohoo. Told ya I'm gonna be missing for a while. THIS IS ALL BECAUSE OF NO INTERNET. Effing annoying. I'm still wondering when the streamyx guy is gonna set up our internet line. Probably this week. NO. I NEED IT to be this week. *sighhh. Assignments are piling up, lack of internet didn't seem to help at all.

Okay, let's not dwell on the internet thingy shall we?

Look what I've been making myself busy with!!

I am obsessed with blinging! Nahhh, not exactly obsessed, but just excited to bling my phone. See how it looks like now? AWESOMEEEEE!

Favourite new thing I suppose. :)

College is okay, and normal, which is weird in a way. ( See, I never expected it will be normal or anything)

But, I gotta say this. I am kinda pissed at JPA for the very very late allowance. Its not even in now. :( And I'm flat broke. AGAIN.

So, starting this wednesday, I'm working part time! The pay is low, but still, I need to survive somehow right? And I need money for food especially. It's fasting month now kan. I wonder when will my scholar money be ready? :((

Happy working for me though.

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