Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Of vampires and blood.

Hot news today:


hee. not exactly hot news or anything, but because this is my first time, I'm over excited! :) At first I was awfully scared, seeing the needles. I mean, man, IT'S SO BIGGGGG! but when the nurse poke it on my arm, it doesn't hurt that bad. I'm glad that its over though. I cried a little because I was scared, but it was nothing, really.

And my blood fully filled the bag in five minutes! (told ya the needle was big right? -.-) So fast! I feel a little lightheaded after that, which was normal. The point is, my blood will be transfused to those in need! How awesome is that?

The setting was a little like this la. Very comfortable indeed. :)

So, I am definitely encouraging everyone to go and donate your blood. Especially those who have rare blood types, like AB. It will only take up alittle of your time, but will help others big time. :)

Ouh btw, my blood is O type. hee.

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nadd. said...

so brave!!1 kalau aku dah pengsan dahh.haha