Tuesday, August 24, 2010

You need help with your brain, sister?

And so, here I am again in this not-so-boring but cold library. Let me tell you this. I really need to vent my anger somewhere somehow. Having new housemates who manage to put my life in a very miserable condition is something I need people to applaud for. Damnnnnnnnnn.

We actually have internet access for one day, thankyouverymuch. The streamyx guy finally came, and everything was fine until someone dropped the modem and spoils it. And that someone seems to not want to help make the situation better by calling streamyx or what. She just stays in her perfect little world. I of all people would love to give her a good smack in the head! ughhhh. I am tired for having to go to work and I need to finish my assignments and quiz and stuff and THAT REQUIRES INTERNET ACCESS, YOU FOOL. Luckily mimi and I are working on fixing it,(like calling my brother and the internet guy again and again and again).

Lets just hope that the matters will be solved SOON. I could lose my temper if I tolerate any more of her nonsense. LIKE SERIOUSLY.

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