Monday, September 13, 2010

Say, All the Happy Things

Birthday girl writing here. By analyzing the picture above, I am looking very happy indeed. Here's a quick update on what I've been doing while I'm missing from my favorite page.

Well, first of all, I did get myself a BOYFRIEND. And, I am also currently single.Some of you might be wondering, "Hows that?" Ermm, See I left him a couple of days ago, for irreconcilable differences. Lol. (-.-) Dont even ask me who is he, coz I dont even feel like he's worth telling about.

Next, will be the more exciting thing. Raya of course! This year, The Ahmadsss celebrated raya in Melaka. Grandma, uncle, aunt and her family was there as well. That was the first time my family hosted raya gathering, and mind you it was tiring! Anyway, it was all worth it to get to have friends over for first day of raya. Apek and Hilmey came over and I'm glad that I could see Apek. Its been awhile since I last saw him. :)

Moving on, second day of raya was my working day! *which technically means, triple pay. hehe. Of course I left home for KL early in the morning just in time to get to work. I just love working where I am now, thank God! ;) The people's good, and the pay too, alhamdulillahhh.

I shall stop ranting about stuffs and get back to the day! Its my birthday people, and I'm crossing my fingers for all the good things. ;)

I promise I'll update later today okay?

Birthday girl.

p/s: Its only once a year that a girl can call herself birthday girl, so I'm drowning myself in it. hehe.

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