Monday, September 20, 2010

You can buy labels, but you can't buy style.

Lately my working days had taken most of my time, and my life seems to be a lot happier while I'm working too. Which leads to me being in heaven because:


Yes, seriously. The boutique where I'm currently working have men and ladies section. I usually took care of the ladies section. But sometimes I got assigned t the men's section. Believe me, it was heaven! One, because the boutique where I'm working mostly sells trendy pieces for guys, *clue: most guys love this brand.* which also means that the guys purchasing here mostly are uber stylish men. ;))

Why I love taking care of the fitting room? Because I get to see glimpse of half naked guys changing. Okayyyy, NO. Thats not ENTIRELY true. But I can hardly see an ugly guy in there, what's not to love? Mostly I get good looking guys, or the not so good looking guys. hehe.

Enough of that, I'm explaining this since Mama Didie asked. Nope, mama. Not my new boyfriend for the status "he's so cute I'm gonna die!" lol.

On another not so important thing, Arick, the 'kakak' in the boutique started calling me pisau cukur for quite awhile now. Not because I am one, just because I look like one. Err, I dont think so. Mintak simpang. He said that it was kind of a compliment. Kudos to that. ;)

So on Saturday, I get to go to one of the girls open house! Finally I get to attend one, kalau tak, kempunan.

More eating sessions, equals to me gaining all the pounds I shed in Ramadhan. With Diana, Aisyah and Miza.

I have no idea why I look so dark in this one. With Mimi, Diana and Aisyah.

Okay, finally I have sent the JPA's agreement. It'll take about one month plus to be processed and I'll only get my allowance by then. Hopefully it wont take longer than that. I'm trying to settle off my debts soon. ;(

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