Monday, October 25, 2010

Brain Transplant (-.-)

I am back in Subang for a couple of days already now. Well, aside from work which is killing me now, nothing new arrived at my door. Its the Mid Summer Sales season now, and the ladies are storming in our store non-stop. Gosh, I hate ladies and our shopping habits. Damnnnn, the shop is in a mess and I'm about to run amok simply coz I'm just tired of arranging the clothes.

And so, this week I'm suppose to study, study and studyyy, seeing next week my first paper is on Monday. ;( Urghh. I hate finals. I'm just too lazy this sem to even study. But I told you guys that, already, didn't I?

Anyway, I'm home alone right now. Diana went out with Nur, and Mimi is not back here yet. I miss her already. There's just so many things that I wanna tell her. She'll be home tomorrow though, and I can't wait!

As for now, I'm bored. Mind me, will ya? :))

Mak cik Shakhina grinning.

She wanna play cak cak now.


I love youuu, muahhhhh! ;)

Okayyy, I better go and study now.

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