Monday, October 18, 2010

Homeeee. ;)

During hard times, to who do you guys turn to? I turn to my family. And so yesterday, I made the decision to spend my weekdays in Melaka. I boarded a bus at 4pm today and am safely at home now. I am grateful yesterday I have people who continued to cheer me up endlessly, and be my crying shoulder. Talking and talking and talking definitely makes me feel better. I love you guys!

Called my sister yesterday, she talked me into going back home. <3!
Thank you, Mimi for always lending your ears and be there for me. ;)

And also Apek who made me laugh so hard I regretted crying in the first place. Thank you, promise lepak next week okay? ;)

Family members who love you, and great friends. What more can you ask for? Its priceless. ;)

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