Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Just not my luck

Its October already! So soon, huh? I'll be posting a post entitled "A letter to the Moon" on 16 or 17 of October, something you should wait for. ;)

And so today, I'm talking about an ex who's going away to study abroad. Well, it came as a shock to me at first, but I'm dealing okay. I envy him though, because the country he's leaving for is my main choice as I first applied for JPA. I had two countries in mind, Canada and Australia. Yeahh, as everybody is well aware of, I ended up stuck in Malaysia for my degree instead. Maybe it's just not my luck, but I wanted to study abroad so bad. It's a huge disappointment when I didn't get to go. Life's unfair. He gets to go there instead.

Moving on, tomorrow there's an event for students at the place where I'm working at. I hope that it'll be great! And I really really need new uniforms to go to work. Hee. The girls had announced dress up day tomorrow! pictures will come to you guys soon. Hang on tight, yeah.

On another more serious issue. We just heard that our scholar money isn't going to be out until another three months. This is really bad news to me, as I'm making barely enough money just to survive. It's more than four months that I'm living without my scholar money. Another three months is just too much for me to handle. ;( Sometimes I wish that I can curl up on my bed and just cry, and cry, and cry. But...........

Life goes on, and at least I have to be thankful that I have a job. I'll just etch up a smile, and presume life like everythings okay. ;)

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