Saturday, October 16, 2010

Letter to the Moon

I had been dreading writing this up, since I promised myself that this will be an honest letter saying once and for all what I’m really feeling.

And here goes.


There are so many things I’ve been meaning to say, thoughts that I needed to let out, but I wasn’t sure how to actually say it.Its been awkward, I know, for us to meet up. Would it be surprising if I say that I’m glad? Last year when you left me, things were really bad between us, I remembered deciding not to be friends with you anymore. I never regretted making that decision, it was the right call.

Although it was hard for me, I pull through. I sorted my feelings out, I know they say love is hard to erase, but the scars you left simply did the job for me. I never thought that a day would come when I had to thank you, but this is the day perhaps. I thank you, because by you leaving me I actually learnt to see everything in a clearer light. I became closer with my family and friends, and I am happy with my life. I’ll admit, things are tough for me lately, but in facing those stuffs, I am still happy. ;)

I must’ve told you this a lot of times Ai, and I really meant it. I forgive you for all the mistakes you have made in the past whatever it is that caused me hurt and grieve, everything. With that, I’d like to apologize too, for the harsh words I said, mean things I wrote, anything that caused you discomfort or embarrassed you. We both made a mistake by being together, and I’m already past blaming you. I think that both of us are grown ups, and we both gotta live past that. I need to live past that.

I know that going away is a challenge for you, with all the fun that’s hard to miss, but I really hope that you won’t waste your chance this time. You’re a smart guy, I know you can do whatever that you put your mind into. I really want you to succeed in obtaining a degree for yourself, and be someone that’ll make your parents proud. Be a better man while you’re there, and do me a favor will ya? Don’t hurt others the same way that you hurt me. That’s no way to treat a girl, and you know it. Mistakes should not be repeated, okay?

I can say for sure now that I don’t love you anymore. With you leaving, there’s finally a chapter in my book that I can finally close. You are always gonna be a part of my past Ai, and I’ve embraced that fact. I care about you, and that’s not gonna change. 4 years is a long time Ai, I will miss you and baby Sofia, but its for the best. Finally, I wish for happiness and success for everything in your future. I hope you wish the same for me too.

So I guess, this is Goodbye Ai.


i'm not a vampire,unlike Stefan Salvatore but this is my story. said...

I cry, but not because I need you back, Not because I want you. But because I finally realize I'm learning how to let you go.

Shakhina Ahmad said...

so trueee. ;)