Friday, October 22, 2010


Noticed my new layout? It seems like I have too much time on my hands to change layout, edit, yada yada. I'm still struggling to concentrate on studying though. During the day, I'll just wake up late, watch Supernatural and well do nothing. I'm a night person I guess, coz I really can't study in the day.

Dangggg, so may chapters to cover and all I've got left is a week. The stress is building up and I hate it! I wish it'll all be over soon. I'm having new dilemmas to deal with now.

Well, not so new because its my weight issues. Shit, I hate being fat. It just makes me feel so low. I shall start dieting from now onwards. I'm actually planning on oat diet. I hope that it'll work. Whatever it is, its a pressure for me to look good in my uniform AND to look good ALWAYS.

wth. I wish I was born skinny and pretty. ;(

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