Thursday, November 25, 2010

Drive me crazy

Since when am I the one who procrastinate? That is so not my middle name. Still, having no job, and no passport currently proves that. -.-

Well, obviously I haven't been job scouting properly. And I can't seem to wake up early enough to just do my passport. The form has already been filled, I am just lazy to go there and wait, and wait and waittt. Ughh, and I've decided recently that I'm gonna be driving more this holiday.

Problem is, I forgot how to drive. hehe. I mean, the last time I set foot on the gas pedal was what, 6 months ago? So, this will be quite challenging.

Why is it so easy for my friends to drive? I cant seem to get a good grip on the whole driving thingy. Even my mum dont trust me with my driving skills. Blergghhh. Apek's not here, nor my dad to guide me with driving and all. I guess I'll have to count on myself this time.

One step at a time, it all take practice. Or so they say. HA HA

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