Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Wigga wigs.

Earthlings, these couple of days I've been having trouble sleeping. Like seriously the imsoniatic kinda thing. Err, digging a lil deeper as to the reason why I'm behaving that way, I can finally sum it up into one thing. I need a man. Not the best friend man, or a man for a fling. I mean, like really a man to be in a relationship with. You know when all this time I've been saying life's perfectly awesome without a man by my side? I wasn't lying. It was perfect as it is. Its just that I'm in a phase where FINALLY I'm ready beyond doubt that I should start dating again.

Well, obviously by saying that, I don't mean to just jump and grab anything in front of me! I've had quite some time goofing around on meaningless dates with guys I'm not really into, and I'm over it. I guess its time for me to be serious when it comes to men. :) Shakhina Ahmad is finally back in the game guys! Good news, yeah good news.

See, when I'm all ready like this, there's only ONE problem. The man himself. I'm kinda picky as Mimi puts it. There's no harm in that, you think? I'll just go with this strategy this time, just 3 criteria:
1. He got approved by me.
2. He got approved by my sisters.
3. He got approved by my closest friends.

Shouldn't be that hard, I think. If he can pass number 1 that is. ;P

On an unrelated matter, I notice that I actually like to take pictures with WEIRD wigs on. I suppose its funny, or rather amusing. I shall be doing a lot of this from now. haha.

Afro looks good on me ay? So selekeh that day, with my oversized Monash tee. lol.

Hahaha. I might've fantasized having blue hair like Katy Perry, only a lil shorter. -.-

Gosh, I'm coming down with a flu. I better finish looking for a job tomorrow and get my passport done.

p/s: Happy birthday in advance Shafiq. love love, hug, hug, big kiss for you from kakak. ;)

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