Saturday, December 04, 2010

Hello December. :)

What, its December already?? Phewww. So many unachievable targets I tell you. Anyway, I got a job a couple of days ago at a 7E here. It was effing tiring with a damn low salary. Even working in Topshop is not this tiring! So, after working for just a day, I ditched it. I didn't show up to work for two days already, I hope they get the meaning. :)

I am also stupid enough not to return to Subang to continue working in Topshop. Maybe I am awfully happy sgtaying at home. As a result, my manager, Jenny is upset with me. Well, I can't blame her since she had already arranged my schedule and all. Currently, I am jobless, about to run out of money, and miserably fat.

Ouh, and my finals result came out a couple of days ago. I cant tell you one thing. IT SUCKS. Big time. Although I passed all, but I hated putting my standard on passing only. Damn, I wonder if working on the weekends had any part in ruining my results. I seriously doubt it. I haven't been studying enough. That I assure you. Do I have regrets? Certainly. But there's no use crying over spilled milk. I gotta concentrate on next sem, if I ever plan on continuing my sponsorship. -.-

All in all, my eyes is set on one thing. To raise enough money for my Singapore trip. After all, I already have my passport.

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