Friday, December 31, 2010

The Mighty and Glorious 2010

Finally getting to the final chapter of 2010, the last remaining day, the 31st. It is only appropriate for me to just reminisce, have a laugh and let go of my 2010.

Beautiful 2010, here it goes:

1. Second sem of MUFY started, and I hated the new timetable.
2. Being poor for 3 weeks before scholar money was settled.
3. Thought was in love with Mr. S. ;P

1. Spent Vday at home, with family.
2. Had a crush on one of classmates, ;D
3. Had a trip to Penang, fall in and out of love there. LOL. Awesome trip as I remembered. :)

1. Uneventful.
2. Still mending my broken heart.

1. Self quoted "Good men are extinct" haha
2. Wrote something nasty about an ex and deleted it, that post was funny and I almost forgot it since I deleted it. I shall remind myself here with these keyword: Car makeout, drunk, barf?
3. Had poxes, first time ever!

1. Started a friendship all wrong, its all in a tangle, even now.
2. Had hurt the bestest cousin ever, and got hurt by her too.
3. Best friend loses his dad. ;(
4. Finished MUFY.

1. Confused lust with love, being so childish. -.-
2. Gotten into huge amount of debt, and trouble.

1. Started Uni life.
2. Graduation night was awesome, though not all perfect. ;)

1. Went camping, donate blood for the first time.
2. Working days started. hahahaa.

1. Confused lust with love YET AGAIN, which explained the 2 weeks bf.
2. Awesome birthday!
3. Ended a friendship, thinking that it'll never work.

1. Letting go of someone truly loved.
2. Friendship with girlfriends tested.

1. Plagiarizing got me punished, and I learnt my lesson. :)
2. Got my long time wish, my baby! ;D

1. A friend tried hooking me up, and its not working for me.
2. Current state: Depressingly fat. :(

Here are some random pictures of 2010 which I dug out from my photo album.

MUFY days, all the happy times with my babehhhh.

Close friends then and now, :)

Last days in MUFY.

Leopard print day? :)

All in all, I am thankful for a lot of things in 2010. Great friends, warm family and awesome experiences! I wouldn't change it for the world. :)

Thank you to Mimi, Apek and Adeeb for the constant support through the year. I love you guys a lot, and I hope we all remain close for years to come. :))

This is the end of 2010, people! I hope for the best things for 2011.

Happy New Year, Earthlings!
love, your favourite bitch,xox.

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