Thursday, December 16, 2010

My British guy

Well, here's the thing. I happen to like guys with accent. I find it very sexy indeed. There was even a guy from my English class in Sunway whom I used to like awhile back as he's charming, and you know, because of his accent. Funny thing if I remembered correctly. We texted a lot, and went on a date once. I really really like this guy, but then he's only up for a fling, which is not my thing since I'm ready to settle down. Besides, when I think more of it, it might be better to just remain being friends since he's going back to Qatar right after finishing MUFY. And long distance relationship is not what I'm looking for. So, too bad.

It turned out that Apek's friend who's also from Qatar, Sayid, is a friend of my British guy, Gung. What a small world, indeed! Me and Sayid were talking and the topic of his country came up, and I told him I had a friend from Qatar, then he asked who, and the next thing I know is that they were in the same school. Lol.

I kinda had a crush on Gung first day of my English class last sem. Which was in January, and only did get to know him in June or July? Last contacted him in November, and nothing after that. Things didn't work out for us apparently. :)

There. A small recap of my 2010, and more of it maybe in the next post. :))

I don't know why all of a sudden I thought of writing about Gung. Kinda miss him, I guess. And I never really mentioned anything about him in this blog. I just mentioned in a post in January that I liked another man with the initial S. Well, its Shulhan Agung, my Brit guy. haha.

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