Monday, December 06, 2010

Royal Romance

How to say "screw you" in French? Well, its all the same to me. Boredom strikes. And I am questioning whether staying at home is the right call after all. I'm shoving food in my mouth constantly, and being a nanny at home isn't the best job in the world. Especially when you have two lil bastards running around making your life miserable. I am very aware that I need a job, but I'm too used to my current routine of not the slightest thing to worry in the world.

Besides, I hate being the newbie. And I've had enough of my newbie moments. Heh.

Well, now let's talk about other things.

How about royalty? I mean, THE royals. :)

What more can I say? This two are amazing! Eight years of courtship? Wow. I am impressed. They look so good together, Kate Middleton and Prince William. I bet Mimi and Meon are gonna reach eight years long when they get married. :)

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